Wedding Cakes

Terms and Information

  1. Your Choice of Cake Flavor (we do not offer a white cake) yellow butter, rich chocolate, marble, spice or carrot.

  2. Your Choice of Filling lemon, raspberry cream, fudge, almond, strawberry cream, cream cheese or custard cream.

  3. You can mix and match all cake flavors and fillings.

  4. The use of our many cake stands (all stands require a $100 cash deposit) no checks.

  5. The cake designs on display and most of the designs in the books provided (we welcome your ideas and pictures.)

Things Not Included

  1. Water Fountains-Rental is $25.00 non-refundable.  We also need a $100 cash deposit (no checks).  The money will be refunded only if the fountain is returned cleaned and in working order.  If not returned within 4 business days no refund.  There is a $30 minimum fee for washing items (so please return items washed.)

  2. Your cake topper or ornament.

  3. Silk or Fresh Flowers-If you purchase fresh or silk, we will arrange them on your cake at no extra charge.  Please have fresh flowers dropped off 1 day early.

Booking Your Wedding Date

  1. The form should be completed about a month before the wedding.

  2. All wedding cake orders must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.

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